VCU Discrete Mathematics Seminar
Spring 2023

All Seminars Will Be Broadcast on Zoom
Meeting ID: 929 757 99914
Password: A length 10 word formed from the word "graphs" (all lower case) followed by the smallest 4 prime numbers.
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Title (Click for abstract if available)
Wed., Feb. 1 1:00p-1:50 Ron Gould (Emory) Results on saturation spectrum
Wed., Feb. 8 1:00p-1:50 Marco Aldi (VCU) Graph Theory as Lie Theory
Wed., Feb. 15 1:00p-1:50 Glenn Hurlbert (VCU) On intersecting families of independent sets in trees
Wed., Feb. 22 1:00p-1:50 Jonathan Jedwab (Simon Fraser University, Canada) Constructions of difference sets in groups of order 4^d
Wed., Mar. 1 1:00p-1:50 Joseph Briggs (Auburn University) The (n,k,t)-conjectures
Wed., Mar. 8 1:00p-1:50 SPRING BREAK
Wed., Mar. 15 1:00p-1:50 Sophie Huczynska (University of St Andrews, Scotland) Internal and external partial difference families: constructions and applications
Wed., Mar. 22 1:00p-1:50 Craig Larson (VCU) Independent Sets in Graphs & LP Theory
Wed., Mar. 29 1:00p-1:50 Tomas Juskevicius (Institute of Computer Science of the Czech Academy of Sciences) Anticoncentration via the strong perfect graph theorem
Wed., Apr. 5 1:00p-1:50 Cory Palmer (University of Montana) Two perfect matching problems
Wed., Apr. 12 1:00p-1:50 Christopher Flippen (VCU) Theory Development for Frankl's Conjecture
Wed., Apr. 19 1:00p-1:50 Hudson Lafayette (VCU) The t-Tone Chromatic Number
Wed., Apr. 26 1:00p-1:50 Ken Smith (Sam Houston State University) Nonabelian Partial Difference Sets

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