VCU Discrete Mathematics Seminar
Spring 2024

All Seminars Will Be Broadcast on Zoom
Meeting ID: 929 757 99914
Password: A length 10 word formed from the word "graphs" (all lower case) followed by the smallest 4 prime numbers.
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Title (Click for abstract if available)
Wed., Jan. 31 1:00p-1:50 Gregory Robson (University of Primorska, Slovenia) On bi-coset (di)graphs and their automorphism groups
Wed., Feb. 7 1:00p-1:50 Dr Kevin McCall (VCU) Dominating the semi-strong product of graphs
Wed., Feb. 14 1:00p-1:50 Prof Richard Hammack (VCU) Mathematical pop-ups
Wed., Feb. 21 1:00p-1:50 Prof Sandra Kingan (City University of New York) On cyclically 4-connected cubic graphs
Wed., Feb. 28 1:00p-1:50 Paul Fay & Maya Tennant (VCU) Cup Stacking on Graphs
Wed., Mar. 13 1:00p-1:50 Prof Linda Lesniak (Western Michigan University) On the existence of (r, g, χ)-graphs
Wed., Mar. 20 1:00p-1:50 Prof Sean English (UNC Wilmington) TBA
Wed., Mar. 27 1:00p-1:50 (VCU) TBA
Wed., Apr. 3 1:00p-1:50 (VCU) TBA
Wed., Apr. 10 1:00p-1:50 (VCU) TBA
Wed., Apr. 17 1:00p-1:50 (VCU) TBA
Wed., Apr. 24 1:00p-1:50 (VCU) TBA

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